Full version The Dark Pool Best Sellers Rank : #1

Full version  The Dark Pool  Best Sellers Rank : #1
Taylor has never obeyed the rules. She hopes that a move to a remote mountain valley will help her forget the relationship she has ruined and temper her lustful soul. Far away from prying eyes, Sahara can practice her witchcraft and reconnect with the invisible forces that govern her life. But Fate has other plans. A well-worn path leading from Sahara's cabin into the Aspen Wood brings a rugged lover who falls willingly into Sahara's web of mystery and indulges her in the erotically submissive role she likes to play. Their passions reveal a desire for an unconventional relationship and before long Sahara is longing once more for the touch of a woman. Love is only a whisper away, when Sahara is undone by talking in her sleep. A secret from a lifetime in medieval England threatens to destroy Sahara's every intention to be faithful to her new found loves. In this tale of wicked sex, sorcery and innocence lost, one woman must choose between her past and her present, find courage to live authentically and resist the charms of an alchemist whose love for her has survived six hundred years. THE DARK POOL is Part One of a TRILOGY. Part Two, THE RAVEN AND THE ASPEN KING, is now available on Amazon.

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